Book JA by Tad Niwinski

Notes from the preface page

Why is it that only 5% of the population are happy with their lives? Why are some people happier than others? We are born without an "operating manual" and only few of us discover principles of life and happiness and are able to use them to their advantage. The art of life alone is a field of knowledge, just recently known only to restricted few. It can be mastered in a similar way as skiing. The analogy goes even further, as bad skiing habits make skiing much more difficult, even when we start noticing them, bad habits in life, such as negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs, very often make - objectively achievable goals - impossible.

What participants of "Ways To Success" seminar had to say

I believe the seminar opens completely new horizons in our thinking, gives new ways of looking at oneself, one's ego, and enables one to look inside. The seminar itself is perfectly organized, everything in a nutshell, yet very valuable and most important.

I feel my life will change from now on, for better of course. I already see that my life is not that bad after all. I realized I would often complain about my luck, I would see no solutions to difficult (and not only difficult) problems, but now I know that I simply had a wrong approach, and it was perhaps easier to complain. The book with my seminar notes is my most valuable possession. I feel a wave of optimism. I think your person, your dedication, your belief in success have significant value and contribute to the success of this seminar. I am deeply moved. Thank you.

The seminar met my expectations 100%. Information gained here will be certainly used, I am sure it will prove itself in day to day life, it will help me, my family and friends.

The seminar brings a feeling of awakening.

The seminar is a great experience and event, it helps me to look fearlessly to the future, gives advice, suggestions, and even old proverbs bringing best ideas and hopes. Recommendations: more publicity and better advertising, please publish your book soon, visit us often with lectures and seminars.

First Club's Founding President, Janusz Goetzendorf-Grabowski says:

From the ideas forwarded by Tadeusz Niwinski "The Little Tadzio Success Club" was created in 1992, where people interested in self- development belong. There are not many places where one can meet so many people, all satisfied with their lives. One can see with the naked eye how the knowledge of setting goals is utilized. Success can really be learned and programmed.

Club meetings are held every Monday at 7:00 pm. at "Lodzki Dom Kultury", 18 Traugutta Street, Lodz, Poland.

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