Book JA by Tad Niwinski

Excerpts from the Epilogue by Stefan Bratkowski
This book has been written by an optimist - who knows how much one can get out of oneself and what kind of potential is hidden in everyone.

If you have read this book, you will look differently at yourself. I would also like to suggest to look differently on the reality around us.

Up to this day, it has been a typical mood in our country - inability, feeling of lack of perspectives and opportunities. It means that we have not discovered yet, not on an individual level, but on the level of the whole country, how many opportunities are created by free market economy, a new and rational world which is currently created with our participation.

Relating to the situation in Poland, Bratkowski shows how the principles described in the book can be applied. He gives examples of several opportunities for economical success which currently exist in Poland, concluding with:

... all these are sources of income, which - after reading Tadeusz Niwinski's book - you can invent so much easier, as you will believe how tangible well thought ideas can be.

Let me end with my favourite character, who may be a patron of this book as well - a queen from "Through the Looking Glass": even before her breakfast the queen was able to believe in six totally impossible things. This is it. Today's trick is to believe in perfectly possible things. This is the purpose of Tadeusz Niwinski's book.

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