First Visual Basic Course in Anguilla

It's a good way to start a New Year! The first in history Visual Basic course in Anguilla was organized by the Anguilla Library Computer Club between January 2 and January 7, 1997.

Here is an excerpt from the Anguilla Local News Page:

The course was taught by Tad Niwinski of Teta Software, Vancouver, Canada, who teaches Visual Basic at British Columbia Institute of Technology. About 20 people attended the course, including volunteers and facilitators of the Computer Club, plus MIS staff from Cable and Wireless, Anglec, Management Resources, Cap Juluca and Malliouhana. The course was held in the Library/Resource Center conference room, with 10 Windows PCs (1 per pair of students) and a PC plus large screen TV for the instructor. Facilities were arranged by Librarian Russel Reid, also a founder of the computer club.
Pictures of this historical event: courtesy of Vince Cate and Bob Green.
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Bob Green himself.
Tad and LeRoy Hill.
Vince Cate.

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